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5 reasons to sell during the holidays

November 18, 2013

Welcome back! As you know it’s our goal to always present you with relevant topics about the real estate market.

Lately a lot of sellers have asked me whether now is a good time to list or not. You might be surprised to know that the holidays are actually a great home to list. In fact I have 5 reasons why you should list now.

1. Buyers are more serious – If a buyer is taking the time out of their busy holiday celebrations, they are ready to commit.
2. There is less competition – There is little inventory during the holidays making your home more valuable.
3. Buyers have more time off to look at homes during the holidays.
4. Some people need to buy or sell for tax purposes before the end of the year.
5. Buyers are more emotional – Seeing homes with lights and decorations adds an emotional element to a buyer’s decision.

These are just a few reason why the holidays are still a fantastic time to list. Still not comfortable with showing your home during the holdiays? You can still beat the spring market rush by listing just right after the holidays.

Give me a call and we can decide what’s best for your situation. Thanks for watching!
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